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IBM Federal Cloud Innovation Center Bluemix Federal Challenge

I am honored to have been presenter at this event and one of three finalists in the Bluemix Federal Challenge. My journey to this point was started at a Women in Technology meeting on October 28th (see earlier post). The challenge was to use IBM Bluemix PaaS (Platform as a Service) to develop an app that uses open data and serves either national parks, public safety, or rural America. The 3 finalists presented very different solutions all created using Bluemix in just a few weeks. My App targets women farmers and helps them find the grants and loans available to them. You can view my presentation at this url:

I’m excited to know that as a finalist I will also participate at a GovExec meeting on 1/27/2015. Below is a screenshot of my app. I’m looking forward to continuing to iterate my app and sharing the improvements in January at the GovExec meeting.

In addition to the challenger presentations, Jeff Sloyer from IBM presented on Apps that IBM developers have created with Bluemix which gave us a good idea of the variety of uses. Daniel Castro from the Center for Data Innovation presented on the current state and future of data. The agenda for the event is at this url:

I highly recommend trying out IBM Bluemix. I’ve learned about programming and creating apps through my experience with Bluemix and have found it to be user-friendly, yet very powerful.

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