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Data-Driven Medicine in the Age of Genomics

This event was sponsored by The Center for Data Innovation and HealthITNow. The opening keynote was by Dr. David H. Ledbetter, Executive VP & Chief Scientific Officer at Geisinger Health System. I hold Geisinger in high regard due to the excellent level of service they provided to my uncle. One of the thought-provoking idea Dr. Ledbetter posed is that the most valuable thing you can give your kids is your genomic data. With the progress in genomics, with that information your kids can be much more prepared for health risks they may face. Geisinger Medical Center uses OpenNotes to make physician notes easily available to patients; empowering patients to improve care.

The presentation by Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) was high-energy. He discussed the importance of supporting genomics and the high paying jobs that this type of scientific business brings to his state. As a long-time past resident of Colorado it was enjoyable to see the current senator in action inspiring the room.

Overall the sessions were very informative and posed many questions to consider when looking at the future of genomics. Large computing company presentations from IBM, Intel, and Oracle all described the challenges managing the size of the data that genomics brings. Also, the overall explosion of data in the healthcare industry is bringing challenges and opportunities.

To see the agenda and complete list of speakers and topics covered.

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