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Creating and Publishing a Blog Using only Google Docs

*** Note: Since originally writing this post, I have ported my blog to a new format using The original post reflects how I started my post for its first 2 years. ***

First, I wouldn't have this blog if it weren't for Google Docs. I wanted a light-weight way to publish a blog. I found my solution when I learned that Google Docs has a function to "publish to web." After writing a document, go to "File" and select "Publish to Web." It's that easy.

To share the URL I created a short URL by going to www.bitly,com and entering the long URL for the published doc. provides a short URL for free. (There are other services that provide short URLs, you can find them with an internet search.)

Sure, this way of publishing a blog has it's limitations. My blog doesn't have a memorable URL and you can't find it easily by using a search engine, but that's ok with me for now. I just want a blog to share with my colleagues and with social media, and this solution fits my purpose beautifully. So if cost, complexity, or web hosting are holding you back from starting a blog, try this simple method and get started.

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