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Finding Networking and Educational Events

I am often asked how I find out about all the interesting events that I attend. I have several sources for locating these conferences, meetings, and presentations. Here are 4 of the top ways I find out about upcoming events,

  • is a fantastic site for finding like-minded people who are organizing events that are of interest to you. On the site you can join groups who have similar interests and see when they are planning upcoming meetings,

  • is a registration site for events. A wide variety of topics are covered on the site and you can filter on topics of interest to you. Conferences, meetings and presentations of all types are listed here. You can use the site to register for free events or to easily pay for events that have fees.

  • Professional Organization Web Sites are a great source of upcoming events. Search on your area of interest to find organizations active in your area and monitor their calendars, or register to receive their e-mails.

  • Now that I’ve built a larger network, I often hear about upcoming events via word-of-mouth, These are often very interesting events, because they are brought to me by people who know my interests.

If you are interested in growing your network and learning new things I recommend trying out an event or meeting with a group that is new to you. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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