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Personal Productivity

December 30

Over the holidays there aren't many tech events in DC, so I will instead focus my blog during this time on some of my favorite apps and tips.


My favorite productivity hardware/gadget is my Chromebook. I continue to be amazed by the speed and functionality of this $200 laptop. Its instant-on startup means that it’s always ready for me to do whatever creative, productive, or fun activity that I have in mind. This light-weight device is a heavy-weight when it comes to computing. I use it for everything from search the web, to writing this blog, to developing web apps. I continue to be amazed by the number of free web apps. Many of them provide functionality that would have cost hundreds of dollars just a few years ago. I believe that we are at a cross-roads where the barriers to entry to computing are being lowered so rapidly that anyone can now afford to learn software developing with the help of free online classes. It’s an exciting time and the Chromebook makes all this easily accessible at an excellent price point.

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