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HealthStat2.0 Meetup

This is one of my very favorite meetups that brings excellent speakers on a variety of health and tech related topics together for lightning-fast presentations and then panel Q&A. This month the topics were again excellent.

  1. Preventing Teens from Smoking - Health and Human Services “The Real Cost” program that reaches teens through their favorite social media with excellent target marketing and impactful user experience design.

  2. Working for a Healthier America - Health and Human Services Healthy People 2020 Program -

  3. Aneesh Chopra - First CTO of the Federal Government - His new book “Innovative State” shares current challenges and his optimism for solving big problems in the government in this decade. The recovery is inspiring a new generation of tech-saavy civil servants.

Always a vibrant group and a lively Q&A and ample time before and after the presentations, this is one of the best meetups for networking.

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