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1776 Global Startup Challenge Finals and Celebration

What a fabulous culmination of a year-long worldwide search for startups with excellent potential. An exciting time for women when Murgency was declared the champion. Their startup has serious traction with 100 hospitals in Punjab using it, this scalable business model is poised to take off and could work anywhere in the world. Emergency medical response fast, easy and reliable. I was lucky to sit behind this great group of women on Wednesday night and knew then that they were poised for success.

Another highlight of the night was An original, heartfelt and inspiring pitch by their founder was cheered by the crowd. They were the winner of the crowd favorite and I’m going to keep an eye open for a recording of their pitch. It was a master class in 2 minutes. Their service helps families in housing transition quickly see all the rental properties they are eligible for in their area, drastically reducing their search time and eliminating issue of submitting applications and paying the $50 application fee for apartments that they ultimately are ineligible. There were so many great ideas being brought to market with significant traction and sales. from Islamabad created “the fitbit for cows” to help farmers track the movement and vital signs of their cows and optimize their herd. I ran into so many of the people I’ve known from other events throughout the years and it’s great to see their careers soaring - Steve’s doing great work at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress , Amy is now a Presidential Innovation Fellow and Shouka’s deliving Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at a top consulting firm. So great to see how the DC tech startup community supports career development and helps people find fantastic opportunities!

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