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Data Visualization DC - The Battle of the Viz

Tonight two Phd students from the world renowned University of Maryland Human Computer Interaction Lab presented their work on data visualization. First Adil Yalcin showed us his product that adds standardization to dashboards and data visualization to help people get to insights faster. I loved going through the examples on his web site. The simplicity of it is quite impressive. I’m looking forward to trying it with one of my data sets.

Up next was Fan Du who presented a tool for visualizing where processes were not followed in the proper sequence. His application was in the medical field, where it’s imperative to check stats in a certain order when examining and diagnosing a patient. This tools shows hospitals where additional training is needed. It’s called Event Action

This was a fun and very well attended event hosted by Data Visualization DC and Data Community DC. At the opening they shared which connect job seekers with employers in the data analytics and visualization communities.

It’s been a while since I attended my first Data Visualization DC meeting and I won’t let so much time pass before I attend my next.

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