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Advocacy + Technology: Using Digital Strategies to Advance Your Campaign

Amazing evening learning from top experts at the intersection of advocacy and technology. This panel discussed how to leverage new digital tools and analytics, together with the public, to advance your campaign. Organized by The New York Code + Design Academy and hosted at Social Tables, the venue was open and inviting, with great food and drinks. The panelists were impressive, knowledgeable and engaging experts:

POPVOX Co-Founder, Rachna Choudhry,

Story Partners Vice President, Tal Woliner, and

Cavarocchi Ruscio Dennis Associates Vice President, Tiffany Kaszuba.

The interviewer and host Camille White-Stern posed thought-provoking questions and kept the panelists on their toes.

The panelists stressed getting more people involved in advocacy. Give people the tools. Help them share their stories. Personal stories sent to the right people at the right time can make a big difference. It was interesting hearing their work with federal agencies and influencing regulations in addition to their legislative work.

I’m intrigued by POPVOX and their platform for engaging the public and want to investigate it more.

I loved this event!

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