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Virtual Reality Arcade at NotionTheory

If you ever wanted to try out the latest in virtual reality (VR), here is your chance. NotionTheory has opened their Virtual Reality Studio to people weekdays from 9:00-7:00 for only $30/hour. This is the only one of it's kind open to the public on the East Coast. Once again the DC Tech community shines bright.

We spent 90 minutes trying out all kinds of games including the exciting Space Pirate Trainer, the creative Tilt Brush and the hilarious Job Simulator. It was great to have the time to experiment with their system and explore in VR. After 90 minutes we wanted more, so I'm sure we'll return soon. We're so pleased that NotionTheory is making this experience possible. Since most people can't afford to buy such a nice setup, renting it is a great option. With this arcade now operating in DC, NotionTheory is helping to spread the word about VR and encouraging people to get involved in the VR community.

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