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DCTech Meetup - Political Tech Edition

What a packed house at the DCTech Meetup - Political Tech Edition. Rapid fire presentations showed us so many highlights of what's going on in the political tech space. On my way in I ran into Alex Wirth, cofounder of Quorum Analytics. He was one of the speakers that night and it was great catching up with him since seeing him in June when I had a fantastic dinner with him and the Quorum Analytics staff. I shared with him how helpful his team has been with our planning for an important hill event and he shared with me the sad news of the just announced changes and downsizing at the Sunlight Foundation. I also met Joanne Burt @joanneburt and heard her wonderful stories from attending the Disrupt conference in San Francisco last weekend repping for her startup #recruitlocator. How exciting to hear how their idea of getting to the passive recruits in job sourcing is taking off #recruitlocator.

All the talks were thought-provoking: Quorum Analytics and their latest additions for grassroots advocacy, the World Bank and how they are using Virtual Reality, NGPVAN and their work on enabling people to send messages directly to their representatives, OrganizerInc and their software to drop a pin on a map and instantly start organizing, the Urban Alliance and how you can include a high school senior in your operations to help you and the student, and how Polis_app is streamlining canvassing. So much innovation going on in DC!

I loved catching up with organizer Brandon Luong on the metro ride home. He's doing so much for the DC tech community and diversity. I alway enjoy catching up with him in person or on twitter. @BrandonTLoung

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