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ASAE Technology Conference

The ASAE Technology Conference kicked off with a keynote address by Erik Qualman titled “Digital Leaders are Made not Born.” He encouraged us to be intentional in defining our digital footprint and define what we want to be our digital stamp on the world; in the next 5 years, in the next 50 years. He left us these words of wisdom to remind us that opportunity is always around us. “Things don’t happen to me, they happen for me.”

Excellent sessions throughout the day included, “Fail Fest”, “Digitally Transforming Legacy Associations for the 21st Century”, and “Can Augmented Reality Engage Your Members.” In these sessions people shared their failures and learnings from them, we learned about assessing our organization’s digital maturity, and had hands on experimenting with augmented reality. All the session speakers were enthusiastic and informative.

I really enjoyed learning about the variety of augmented reality tools and products that are available. With what I learned in the session I was able to apply augmented reality to my business card using Blippar for a fun, novel way of demonstrating the capability.

The large trade show room was active, interesting, and filled with interesting vendors sharing their products and services.

Some of my Favorite Finds from the day are:

Dprism’s online survey to assess your digital maturity

Impressive app that trains you to read online faster.

Augmented reality app that you can use to jazz up your business card, or any media.

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